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bootybarre pre & post natal® (new online)!

a barre program specifically designed for clients expecting a child and recovering from birth. all modifications & precautions are covered.


This bootybarre Training course includes the NEW formated bootybarre Pre & Post Natal® format. This bootybarre® teacher-training program is pre-choreographed into segments that seamlessly flow together, ensuring the body is well balanced. Each segment is interchangeable with on-going continuing education for bootybarre® licensed instructors or any pilates certified instructors, which takes the guesswork out of teaching and keeps the classes fresh and innovative for clients who are expecting a child and/or are recovering from birth.  This training will include bootybarre Pre & Post Natal®choreography.


This bootybarre Pre & Post Natal® training will be held in a FULL CLASS recording with 60-day access available through your account and instructed by Tracey Mallett herself!  You’ll learn bootybarre Pre & Post Natal® choreography & anatomy by simply logging in and participating from the comfort of your studio, home, or gym.  She will take you through the bootybarre Pre & Post Natal® course fundamentals, movement, and modifications, education, and anatomy. When you register you will click & accept the terms of the contract to fully retrieve details to the online training after proceeding with the purchase.  After you complete your registration, you will instantly receive access to directions through your INBOX under the subject line: “bootybarre® PRE & POST NATAL – Online Training”  (please check SPAM as your emails may get filtered by your provider). This email will contain the following information: 1)How to View Recording & Choreography Videos, 2) PDF Printable Manual Q & A and, 3) PDF Manual Download.


Prerequisites: We welcome ANYONE for this training.


    • Anatomy
    • Modifications and Contraindications
    • Safe Exercise Program During & After Birth


    • A Comprehensive Photography bootybarre® PDF printable choreography manual
    • Lifetime Access to bootybarre® choreography videos after completion of the course.
    • Exclusive Access to Live Recording for 60 days


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This will be an ongoing online course.  Feel free to learn at your own pace. You may watch the recorded version live-course during the first 60-days, as many times as you’d like.  You will be sent details through a separate email instantly after you purchase this course. If you do not receive anything after your purchase, please email us at


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