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As a bbarreless certified instructor your license will never expire when you’re taking education on our exclusive membership. We value keeping you up to date on the barre trends and supporting your classes with the most creative, fun choreography.

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New Choreography for bbarreless is released quarterly starting off with two new complete classes.

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Exclusive content for bbl elite members, we want you to be up to date on all things barreless.

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Connect with a network of new and experienced instructors from all over the world with our private Facebook group. Build friendships and support that last a lifetime on your journey of being a barre instructor. Get to know first about up and coming events and retreats.

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Bbarreless Elite is only available to certified Bbarreless instructors. Therefore, in order to purchase the membership you must be logged into your account. If you have not been certified yet, click here to register for the next live course!


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Immediate access to 2 bbarreless
choreography videos with quarterly releases

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Immediate access to 2 bbarreless
choreography videos with quarterly releases

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