2024 Retreat Up Level Barre Course – bootybarre Bridge certification

Location: Bali

When: Tuesday, October 22nd

No refunds. Payment can be transferred to another virtual course.


Up Level Pilates-Barre-increase your skill as barre instructor

Introducing Up Level Barre Course!

Are you a Pilates or Fitness instructor eager to take your skills to the next level? Look no further! Our brand-new intermediate/advanced barre certification program is here to elevate your training expertise.

With Barre Up Certification, you’ll embark on a journey of growth, expanding your knowledge and mastering advanced techniques that will set you apart in the competitive fitness world. Stay on the cutting edge and become a leader in your field with our comprehensive curriculum designed to challenge and inspire.

Open to everyone who is looking to advance their skills as a barre instructor or an avid barre fan for a long time and now ready to learn an accelerated learning course.

Join us and up skill your training today with Barre Up Certification!

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to transform your career. Enroll now and step into a brighter, more successful future!

What to expect:

Overview of how to put a safe class together for variety and balance. Integrate Pilates at the barre with hands on cues to help your class move for good alignment and technique.

Props included:

ball, sliders and small yoga blocks.

Course includes:

PDF Manual, four hours of hands-on instruction by the creator herself Tracey Mallett and pre-recorded videos for self-study which are part of the course to complete in your own time.

Bootybarre Certificaton Criteria:

A certificate of completion is given, to complete full certification (instructors new to bootybarre) with send in a short video. Current bb instructor’s course will renew their certification.